At Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc., we bring reliable and cost effective products to the end user market. Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market served. Reliable Diamond Tool will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. All activities will be conducted in alignment with the highest professional and ethical standards.


We believe that attention to our customers’ changing needs is the key to success.


Keys to Success

The fundamental basis of above average performance for RDTI, in the long run, is maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage. Our strength is product differentiation due to the availability of our unique product offerings including the Beveled Edge Disc (BED) System, Cup Wheels including S-Seg, H-Seg, and J-Seg, and Speed Shift Plates and Diamond discs. Due to the unique shape and design of the aforementioned products we are able to increase our customers profits by lowering labor costs and increasing product longevity.


Based on the success of the BED System and the Cup Wheels, and especially the “Speed Shift” system RDTI will continue to leverage product differentiation. In this differentiation strategy, we will seek to continue to be unique along these dimensions because they are widely valued by our customers. We will choose one or more attributes that many of our buyers perceive as important, and uniquely position ourselves to meet those needs.


The logic of the differentiation strategy requires that our firm choose attributes in which to differentiate itself that are different from our rivals'. Our firm is truly perceived as unique and we expect to receive a premium price. RDTI owner, Jonathan Thompson, (an end-user for many years), has the knowledge and expertise required to continue to leverage product differentiation via product innovation. Mr. Thompson brings more than 35 years of diamond product knowledge and a unique end-user perspective to RDTI. He is aware of what will and will not work in the field.


Innovative Concrete Solutions Awards

Innovative Concrete Solutions Awards



"I’ve tried so many different brands of diamond tooling for concrete grinding and was very frustrated with tooling that would stop working after a short while or just plain not work at all. I gave Reliable Diamond Tool a try and was amazed at how well their tooling constantly performs and how smooth my floor grinder runs. Also RDT carries a style of tooling for grinding, polishing or cutting any type of material out there. Jon is extremely knowledgeable and knows more about diamond tooling than anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t consider Jon a salesman, but more of a partner when it comes to getting my concrete or terrazzo grinding/polishing projects completed effectively and on time. If you want cheap, then buy the cheap stuff that doesn’t work. If you want great results with consistency then go with RDT. I won’t use anything else from now on."

- TK, Arizona